Sticker Remix

STICKER REmiX Burger Remix sticker collabs made with a bunch of international artists. STEK ÄXIT ORBLE SNAW XZ-ONE APE INVASION HOLE SMALL GREATY MCGRATE THE UNIVIDUALS SPEAK ZUKO

Paste Ups

Hamburg / 2019

Paste Ups Documentation of paperworks in public space.

Lost places

"Ghost Doc" / Somewhere in Niedersachsen / 2019

Lost places Abandoned buildings as playgrounds for spraypaint adventures.


"The Dead King" / Painted door / Rote Flora Hamburg

Installations Documentation of installations in public space, made of various materials in various locations in Hamburg City.


Private Appartement / with Bronko, King FF_art & 10tacle / 2017

Commissions SPÄM is available for commissions. If you have a surface (inside or outside) to be painted, or need a logo or illustration, please get in touch!